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3-Phase Structure

The Journey to the Center of the Youniverse is conceived in three phases, an augmented reality (AR) experience, a theatrical performance with orchestra and singers, and a virtual reality (VR) documentation of all the phases of the project. The first phase, the AR-experience, will be available as an app for mobile devices (iOS and Android) for people to download and install on their device. It will allow them to experience the journey to the Center of the Youniverse through their device and headphones and give listeners the ability to navigate a soundscape and an abstract visual representation of the core ideas of the story. 

The second part is the theatrical performance slated to happen in Los Angeles. The performance will be on show for multiple evenings with an orchestra and singers. We aim to have the audience located on a mobile platform that slowly turns during the performance and offers changing directionalities.

The third part is a VR experience, which makes both the first part, the AR-experience, and the real performance available for listeners to experience after the project is over. We would like to explore the use of VR as a tool to document the ephemeral experience of a spatial opera performance. The traditional form of documenting through video and sound recordings is limited in the ability for the audience to actively listen and engage with the experience. A VR documentation offers a significantly increased opportunities for audience members to explore and get their own experience that is not pre-determined by a director who decides the perspectives the audience gets to see in the documentation.

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