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Theatrical Performance

The theatrical performance takes place in a large concert hall with a rotating platform in the middle. The audience members are sitting on this platform and are rotating slowly during the performance. In contrast to normal concert or opera performances, where the orchestra and the singers are in the center, here, the audience members – “you” - are at the center. It is a gesture of concentration and focus on the self in the midst of others. Music starts playing surrounding the audience and moves in patterns around the audience. It makes full use of the spatial potential of this set-up in that certain voices can come from behind the audience, others from the sides or the front. The motion of the music is superimposed with the movement of the audience-platform. At certain occasions, performers are moving through the ranks to the center as moving sources of sound in their own right. The entire experience is a continuous journey on multiple levels through the field of music and the resonances of the self within the fields of music. The theatrical performance plays with references to the AR experience, but takes the spatial and sonic experience to a different and completely new level.

Set design  

The set is centered around concentric ‘sails’ that are moved around the stage to make reconfigurable projection surfaces.  

Sometimes the sails are nested and at other times spread out to form a larger projection surface.The sails represent the different levels of narrative engagement, from the macrocosm of space, through to human sized spaces such as the library and the clinic to the empty void of the microcosm.

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Set concept sketches

The set design will rely on projections into the concentric sails, as well as some built elements. 

Wardrobe will act as a sculptural extension of the sets.

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